What an awesome night, the best I sleep so far. The hammock was awesome, it dipped down into the the 50’s but when I got cold at 1 am I blew up my air mattress and put it in the pouch of the hammock. That little bit of insulation made all the difference. Got underway about 6:40. Pulled over briefly at 6:50 for a BIG time interview with Big Frog 104. Man, I like those two, you can have your golf Polly I’ll stick to two wheels.. Thanks, Shannon for sharing this Blog. Did about 10 miles, Passed Brockport on the way, What a nice community, probably say that about most college towns. There was a small boat on the canal and it looked like they were rowing the entire canal. They were sleeping or away otherwise I would’ve stopped to chat with them.  Got buzzed by an ultralight and stopped for breakfast in Adam’s Basin. (I recall serving someone a block or so away, 8 have to check my files when I get home).  The bike had a mechanical issue in Spencerport right at the lift bridge, a broken spoke. I was so lucky that there was a bike shop only 4 miles away( so I switched my sneakers) so I walked only to find out that the shop didn’t open until 10 am so I had about a 45-minute wait but Chip hooked me up had me rolling in about 60 minutes. I highly recommend Sugars Bike Shop, It’s a 2nd generation bike shop and Chip has all his old BMX racing bikes on the wall,  needless to say, I was impressed. I Passed by Long Pond Rd in Rochester, a name I recognized so I spent a few minutes trying to find IBM and it was literally 50 yards from the trail. (Insert obligatory selfie) I finally started seeing some locks again, man that was a long stretch since the last in Lockport. WOW, 130 miles of the same elevation. Met an older fellow at lock 33 who gave me the rundown on his end-to-end journey in 2003. He filled me in on what to expect the rest of the day. Stopped in Pittsford for lunch at a place called Coal tower restaurant and had a great burger. That town really embraces the canal as one might expect. I was a little behind so I pretty much only stopped at locks to take photos or took them on the go. I planned to get to Palmyra today and spend the night at lock 29.  Just my luck no water or showers at this lock. But I found some much-needed power and will charge my packs. Looks like a total of about 53 miles for the day. Had some Pasta Fagioli for dinner and it was delicious. I could use 4 more packs because as I figure it I’m at about a 3k calorie deficit today. As I write this from my hammock I’m watching a young family fish from the lock. What a nice sight and contrast to the old couple holding hands walking down the trail earlier. Well off to check the weather and hit the hay. Photos may not be posted in chronological order.